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I love facilitating! Delegates have described me as relaxed, approachable and energetic. I aim to create an engaging space where people can explore ideas, and discuss topics freely.

I am professional and organised, and will ensure your events or workshops runs to time, and is productive and rewarding.

I am also a trained Action Learning Set Facilitator.


I have many years experience facilitating large and small events. My work has included:

  • Action Learning Sets

  • Training sessions on equality of opportunity, fair access and participation and evaluation

  • Defining and mapping outcomes

  • Workshops

  • Team away days

  • Keynote speeches at conferences

  • Chairing panels and meetings


Why use a facilitator?

Using an external facilitator can your events, workshops and away days run smoothly. It can mean that all members of the team can get involved with discussion without having to worry about chairing the conversation. And it means to can pass some of the thinking and planning to someone else, giving you more time to think about ideas.


Jess facilitated a team day for us in March 2020 and she was fantastic.


We hadn't booked a very good - or private - space. It didn't matter. Jess very quickly brought us together, helped us focus and encouraged us to really develop some very abstract thoughts.


The result? Real momentum and a new high bar set for our team meetings. Thank you Jess!



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