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How did I get here?

A while back, after a lot of thinking about what I want from my career, I decided to retrain as a coach. As well as co-founding a not-for-profit called Inclusive Futures, I work with purpose-led individuals and teams to drive change and have impact in their personal and professional lives.

So what is coaching? Is it like being a sports coach? No, but there are a lot of similarities. Like coaching in sport, coaches are here to support individuals to perform at their best, to move past blocks and 'moves' that aren't working for them, and to channel focus and motivation on the achievements ahead.

As a coach, I am supportive. I listen objectively. I do not pass judgement or tell you how you could have done things differently. But for those that know me, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I am also challenging. I push the people I work with to stretch themselves, to try on new perspectives, to challenge their thinking, and to do things they may have previously shied-away from.

Changing career, or any big change, can be really scary! I’ve had to battle with a lot of internal chatter that told me to play it safe, to stay where I was, questioned my abilities. And to be honest I still have to battle those thoughts, who doesn’t?!? But I am now better able to recognise them and dismiss those thoughts/mindsets that do not help me.

So it’s all change in my world! Lots of exciting times ahead, as well as my fair share of challenges I’m sure, but either way I am ready for the adventure!

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